Session 68 | Geneva | 12-14 Sep 2018
Agenda Item 19. Tyres
Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 81 | 1-5 Feb 2016

30. The Chair of GRRF recalled the authorization to develop an amendment to GTR No. 16 (see ECE/TRANS/WP29/AC.3/42) and the sponsorship of the Russian Federation for this activity. The expert from the Russian Federation reported on the work done by the group of interested experts dealing with this amendment, introducing the draft amendment 1 to GTR No.16 in ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2016/2 as well as the report contained in ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2016/3. He explained that GRRF-81-02 contained additional information to show the amendments to the existing text of the GTR as well as the origin of the amended text. GRRF adopted both official documents above (and removed the square brackets in paras. 14 and 20 of ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRRF/2016/3). GRRF requested the secretariat to submit them to WP.29 and AC.3 for consideration and vote at their June 2016 sessions.

Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 86 | 12-16 Feb 2018

29. The expert from ETRTO presented GRRF-86-04, introducing GRRF-86-05, and announcing the intention of ETRTO to propose provisions for extended mobility tyres in UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 64, on the basis of initial work done by the tyre industry at the International Standardization Organization (ISO). GRRF noted the reference to ISO documentation and invited the expert from ETRTO to prepare a more detailed proposal for consideration at the next GRRF session, both concerning UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 64.

Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 1 | 25-28 Sep 2018
GRB-68-01 | Intentionally blank
GRB-68-02 | UN R51.03: Comments on tyre selection (China and CATARC)
GRB-68-07 | GTR 16: Proposal for an Addendum to the Authorization to Develop the Amendment 2
GRB-68-12 | UN R117: Comments on the Supplement proposal GRVA/2018/5 (ETRTO)
GRB-68-14 | ETRTO proposals for amendments to UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 64 on Extended Mobility Tyres (ETRTO)
GRB-68-15 | Wet grip test method improvement for passenger car tyres (C1) (ETRTO)
GRB-68-16 | GTR 16: Development of Amendment 2 (Russia)
GRB-68-17 | North American all-season tyre pre-meeting
GRB-68-18 | GTR 16: Proposal for Amendment 1 (ETRTO)
GRB-68-19 | UN R117: Proposal for a Supplement to the 02 series of amendments (Russia)
GRB-68-23 | Snow tyres provisions: status report (BIPAVER, ETRTO, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan)
GRB-68-24 | GTR 16: Light truck/C-type harmonized high speed test (USTMA)
GRRF-86-22 | GTR 16: Memorandum explaining introduction of global marks for tyres
GRVA/2018/5 | UN R117: Proposal for a Supplement (ETRTO)
GRVA/2018/6 | UN R30: Proposal for a Supplement (ETRTO)
GRVA/2018/7 | UN R64: Proposal for a Supplement (ETRTO)
GRVA/2018/8 | UN R106: Proposal for amendments (ETRTO)