GRVA (based on the tradition of using an acronym from the French “groupe des rapporteurs” and in this case responsible for “vĂ©hicules automatisĂ©s”) was established by WP.29 during its 175th (June 2018) session via a restructuring of the existing Working Parties. As a result, the GRRF (Brakes and Running Gear) was eliminated and certain of its responsibilities (notably tyres and vehicle combination couplings) were transferred to other Working Parties (GRB and GRSG, respectively).

A convenient calendar of GRVA-related meetings (including its subgroups) can be found here.

GRVA Scope
Latest Documents
25 Jan 2024 DCAS: Proposal for amendments to GRVA/2024/2 GRVA-18-07/Rev.2
22 Jan 2024 GRVA: Updated consolidated agenda for the 18th (January 2024) session GRVA-18-02/Rev.1
25 Jan 2024 Scenario Catalogue for Automated Driving Systems GRVA-18-26/Rev.1
22 Jan 2024 Report of the 16th workshop on UN R155 and R156 GRVA-18-36
22 Jan 2024 Questions and Answers/Comments from Workshops on implementation of UN R155/156 GRVA-18-37
22 Jan 2024 UN R78: Proposal for a new supplement to the 03, 04, 05 and 06 series of amendments GRVA-18-38
22 Jan 2024 UN R78: Limitations and Improvements for Speed-Electric Power Assisted Cycles (S-EPAC) GRVA-18-39
26 Jan 2024 Proposal for GRVA workshops for the regulatory approach for Automated Driving Systems GRVA-18-41/Rev.1
26 Jan 2024 Proposal for an informal working group on Automated Driving Systems GRVA-18-42/Rev.2
23 Jan 2024 FRAV/VMAD Integration status report GRVA-18-40
23 Jan 2024 CS/OTA informal group status report to GRVA GRVA-18-43
23 Jan 2024 FADS task force status report to GRVA GRVA-18-44
23 Jan 2024 VMAD informal group status report to GRVA GRVA-18-45
25 Jan 2024 UN R13: Proposal to amend document GRVA/2024/7 GRVA-18-46/Rev.1
23 Jan 2024 Scenario-based Design, Validation and Homologation GRVA-18-47
23 Jan 2024 Automated and connected road transport: Coordinating scenario libraries for safety assessments GRVA-18-48
23 Jan 2024 UNECE Scenario Catalogue GRVA-18-49
23 Jan 2024 Guidelines and recommendations for ADS safety requirements, assessments and test methods GRVA-18-50
24 Jan 2024 UN R79: Proposal for a supplement to the 03 and to the 04 series of amendments GRVA-18-51
25 Jan 2024 Scenario catalogue for ADS approval in the UK GRVA-18-52
25 Jan 2024 ACPE informal group status report to GRVA GRVA-18-53
26 Jan 2024 EMB interest group status report to GRVA GRVA-18-54
26 Jan 2024 Virtual testing under UN R152 GRVA-18-55
26 Jan 2024 Mechanical locking device as an alternative to the friction parking braking to hold the vehicle GRVA-18-56
25 Jan 2024 Artificial Intelligence: Proposal for amendments to the draft guidance document GRVA-18-04