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Sunday, 17 December 2017 (Week 50)
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GAR has cross-indexed 15 578 WP.29 documents in order to provide efficient ways to follow work on the various global regulations developed by the World Forum.

Through the World Forum, regulators from around the globe collaborate on drafting uniform test procedures and performance requirements for vehicles and component systems. Regulations developed through the Forum are transposed into national and/or regional compliance and enforcement systems.

The World Forum oversees six permanent working parties focused on aspects of vehicle performance. WP.29 and its working parties meet according to a regular calendar. In addition, informal working groups of technical experts draft texts for consideration by the Forum and its main working parties.

The World Forum establishes regulations for use globally (Global Technical Regulations), for use in the international system for the mutual recognition of type-approval certifications (UN Regulations), and for use in the international system for the mutual recognition of vehicle inspection certifications (UN Rules).

The World Forum continuously improves and updates existing regulations. GAR tracks these modifications along with projects and programs for major amendments and for the establishment of new regulations either to harmonize international requirements or to address new technologies and public welfare goals.