About Us

GlobalAutoRegs provides research and analysis, conducts seminars, and provides other support services related to automotive regulatory affairs. We participate in WP.29 sessions on behalf of clients and assist clients with their regulatory needs.

We not only follow regulatory developments, but also provide insight into how regulations are applied within the different compliance and enforcement regimes used around the world.

GlobalAutoRegs.com was established in 2008 to facilitate the task of following the development of safety and environmental regulations through the United Nations World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (commonly known as WP.29).

Through WP.29, the world's automotive regulators agree on test procedures and performance requirements for use in their home markets. The Forum enables regulators to cooperate internationally and simplifies the task of complying with regulations across markets.

At its core, this website cross-references the roughly 3000 proposals and other documents handled each year by WP.29. The site then filters this information so users can extract materials related to their specific interest, whether this be a regulation, meeting, or vehicle system category.

GAR tracks the progress of proposals through to their adoption as new regulatory requirements, follows their transposition into national and regional standards, and reports on developments related to global regulatory affairs.

By making it easier to follow these regulatory changes, GAR hopes to promote interest in WP.29 and its role in the development of global regulations for the global automotive industry.

I hope that you will find GlobalAutoRegs.com useful in your work and that you will contact us if we can be of assistance or improve this website to suit your needs.

--John F. Creamer, Managing Director, GlobalAutoRegs.com

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