(Latest posted on 1 Jun 2018)
GRRF Scope

At the June 2018 WP.29 session, GRRF was reconstituted as the Working Party on Automated Vehicles (GRVA). Tyres, couplings, and other responsibilities not related to vehicle handling and automation have been transferred to other working parties. As a result, the planned GRRF September session will be the first GRVA session.

The Working Party on Braking and Running Gear (GRRF) prepares proposals for consideration by the World Forum/WP.29 concerning primary safety systems such as vehicle braking, steering, and chassis systems that enable drivers to avoid accidents. In this regard, the GRRF supervises various informal working groups developing regulatory provisions related to these primary vehicle handling systems, including not only on motor vehicles but also vehicle trailers.

GRRF regularly gathers more than 100 specialists in active safety systems from government agencies and non-governmental organizations around the world to deliberate on regulatory proposals before the accredited government delegations decide whether to pass the proposals on to the World Forum.

GRRF usually convenes during February and September.