Changes in WP.29 Regulations and other Instruments
Latest proposals adopted and texts published by WP.29
Series of Amendments and Supplements

This section provides the list of proposals concerning UN Regulations (type approval) adopted by WP.29. These adopted proposals are considered as the legally binding texts under the 1958 Agreement. Proposals may be subject to amendments at the time of adoption. Such last-minute changes are recorded in the session reports.

A Series of amendments involves a substantive change in the requirements for a type approval such as new performance thresholds, new elements to be assessed, and/or changes in the test procedures.

A Supplement generally modifies the text for clarity and precision; however, supplements may also change the scope of the regulation to include additional categories or types of vehicles.

Revisions and Amendments

WP.29 publishes revisions and amendments for convenience. Changes to a UN Regulation may involve the adoption of more than one proposal or include changes to a proposal agreed at the time of adoption by WP.29. The WP.29 secretariat consolidates these proposals and last-minute changes into single documents for ease of use. These revisions and amendments are technically not considered to be the legally binding texts.

A Revision provides a complete consolidated text of a UN Regulation at a point in time. The revisions consolidate previous amendments to provide a full text. Revisions may align with series of amendments in cases where a UN Regulation has more than one series running in parallel for type approvals.

An amendment provides the consolidated text of the proposal(s) adopted by WP.29 during a session. Periodically, the WP.29 secretariat may consolidate these amendments to provide a new revision.

Global Technical Regulations

Global Technical Regulations are established under the 1998 Agreement.

UN Rules

UN Rules are established under the 1997 Agreement and concern provisions for vehicle inspections.