Privacy and Data Protection (GAR) collects user information in order to understand how the site is being used and to enable certain user features. GAR makes conscientious efforts to minimize this data collection and to secure what user information is collected. GAR does not share individual user information with any third parties.

GAR uses software developed by Matomo and Hotjar to track usage of the site. This software gathers anonymous data that allows GAR to understand the broad geographic distribution of our users, the devices and browsers used to view the site, the pages visited, and interaction with pages. This information enables us to understand how people are using the site, to identify and correct problems, and generally to improve the user experience.

GAR allows users to sign up with an email address and password. User emails are recorded in a database not accessible by the general public. Passwords are encrypted in such a way that neither we nor anyone else can access them. Passwords are known only to the user and can only be changed through links sent to the email address provided by the user.

The email addresses are used to establish a unique account ID for each user. This ID enables the site to associate content with the ID based upon the user choices when customizing the account profile.

GAR aggregates information on user choices and customization in order to understand the areas of most interest to users. GAR does not look at specific choices of individual users.

GAR uses cookies to establish sessions and enable features. Cookies enable users to remain signed in to the site and to navigate among pages under certain circumstances, such as by remembering the previous page. Cookies are small files stored on your computer. You can disable, block, and/or delete the cookies via your browser settings.

In sum, GAR is an open-source service to the motor vehicle regulatory community. GAR does not carry advertising or engage in marketing activities. The site generates no revenues other than from the voluntary contributions of its users.