UN R117: Proposal for a Supplement
Document GRVA/2018/5
16 July 2018

Proposal to update certain Standard Reference Test Tyre (SRTT) denominations, to remove the distinction between the two Class C3 tyres, to clarify the text and remove the reference to tyres “not marked with speed symbol”. This document will be handled by GRB during its 68th session and is referenced under GRVA due to the “conversion” of GRRF.

Submitted by ETRTO
Status: Superseded
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30. The expert from ETRTO introduced draft amendments to UN Regulation No. 117 (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2018/5 and GRB-68-12). The proposal received comments from the experts of Germany, Spain, United States of America and BIPAVER. The Chair invited other experts to transmit their remarks to ETRTO with a view to submitting a revised consolidated proposal to the next session.

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