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Non-Governmental Organization
International Automotive Lighting and Light-signalling Expert Group
Submissions to WP.29 bodies: Four hundred and seventy-one documents (latest document: 2 June 2020)

Since 1952 the GTB has been recognised as the global group of vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, light source manufacturers, testing laboratories and academia working to assure regulation and safety of automotive lighting systems and their installation.

GTB membership includes 17 delegations from countries, including Europe, USA and Japan. Representation in national delegations comes from industry, approval testing laboratories, regulatory agencies and academia.

The GTB’s principal activity today is the preparation of proposals for new and amended UNECE Regulations, taking into account technical development, actual testing experience and the safety and economic implications with a view to practical application.

In 2012, the GTB changed its name from the Working Group Brussels 1952 (aka Groupe de Travail Bruxelles 1952, hence the acronym GTB) to the International Automotive Lighting and Light-signalling Expert Group.

You can find more information about GTB at their website.