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The public version of GAR provides all the WP.29 documentation, the basic framework for extracting these materials, and introductory information about the World Forum and its functions.

Based upon user requests, we have added more advanced ways of accessing information, including lists and status of pending proposals, links between related documents, extracts from meeting reports, and alternative document formats.

Each level adds more depth and detail while assuming that the user has an increasing degree of familiarity with WP.29 terms and procedures.

You can access these features by signing up. You can change or delete your account at any time. Registration is free, but you can help us by making a voluntary contribution. Your registration information is kept confidential and used only for communications between us as needed.

The Basic Level covers each regulation and provides information from the World Forum/WP.29 main sessions. The intent is to provide users with a clear sense of near-term regulatory changes and broader issues being discussed at higher policy levels.

The Professional Level is designed for professionals who need to know what's in the pipeline for the regulations that concern them. This level focuses on the proposals under consideration by the six main working parties and the proposals up for adoption by WP.29. For each regulation, the Professional level provides listings of proposals in the pipeline that will likely be incorporated into the official texts within the next 18 months to two years.

The Expert Level is intended for specialists knowledgeable about WP.29 and interested in all its activities, including the complex work of the informal expert groups that prepare major changes to regulations and draft new regulations.