The Working Party on General Safety (GRSG) is the main decision-making body under WP.29 for matters concerning vehicle safety related to the general construction of vehicles with particular attention to safety requirements for buses and motor coaches. GRSG reviews all significant proposals in this area and decides whether to forward them to the World Forum for final decisions on their adoption. GRSG also oversees subgroups of experts established to address general safety issues.

GRSG regularly gathers more than 65 specialists in vehicle construction and safety from government agencies and non-governmental organizations across the world.

GRSG usually convenes during late April/early May and October of each year.

GRSG Scope
Latest Documents
8 Feb 2024 Caravans or trailers with an electrically powered support axle GRSG-127-01
14 Feb 2024 Engine fire extinguishing system for specific ADR vehicles GRSG-127-02