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18 January Agenda for the 28th CS/OTA informal group session TFCS-28-01/Rev.1
TFCS-28-01/Rev.1 2024-01-18
15 January Report on the January 2024 UN R155/R156 workshop TFCS-28-06
TFCS-28-06 2024-01-15
15 January UN R156: Interpretation document update re ISO 24089-2023 (CLEPA, OICA, and SAE) TFCS-28-07
TFCS-28-07 2024-01-15
15 January UN R156: ID Update task force status report to CS/OTA informal group TFCS-28-08
TFCS-28-08 2024-01-15
18 January Software Updates: Proposal for amendments to RE3-Annex 7 (UK) TFCS-28-09
TFCS-28-09 2024-01-18
19 January List of UN Regulations relevant to provisions for software updates (France) GRVA-18-34/Rev.1
GRVA-18-34/Rev.1 2024-01-19
22 January Report of the 16th workshop on UN R155 and R156 GRVA-18-36
GRVA-18-36 2024-01-22
22 January Questions and Answers/Comments from Workshops on implementation of UN R155/156 GRVA-18-37
GRVA-18-37 2024-01-22
23 January CS/OTA informal group status report to GRVA GRVA-18-43
GRVA-18-43 2024-01-23
5 February List of relevant GRBP Regulations for software updates (France) GRBP-79-42
GRBP-79-42 2024-02-05
12 March Agenda for the 29th CS/OTA informal group session TFCS-29-01/Rev.3
TFCS-29-01/Rev.3 2024-03-12
12 March Minutes of the 28th CS/OTA informal group session TFCS-28-10/Rev.1
TFCS-28-10/Rev.1 2024-03-12
13 April List of relevant GRSG Regulations for software updates (France) GRSG-127-29
GRSG-127-29 2024-04-13
8 March Security and accessibility over lifetime of the vehicle (FIA Foundation) TFCS-29-03
TFCS-29-03 2024-03-08
10 March UN R156: Proposal for amendments to the Interpretation Document (CLEPA, OICA, and SAE) TFCS-29-04
TFCS-29-04 2024-03-10
11 March RE3: Comments on proposal for amendments to Annex 7 (SWIN) (CLEPA and OICA) TFCS-29-05
TFCS-29-05 2024-03-11
11 March RE3: Proposal for amendments to Annex 7 (SWIN) (UK) TFCS-29-06
TFCS-29-06 2024-03-11
19 January RE3: Proposal for amendments to Annex 7 (UK) GRVA-18-27
GRVA-18-27 2024-01-19