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Non-Governmental Organization
European Association of Automotive Suppliers

CLEPA represents the interests of European motor-vehicle component and system manufacturers. By agreement, CLEPA also coordinates with the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA, representing the US component and system manufacturing industry) and the Japan Auto-Parts Industries Association (JAPIA, representing the Japanese component and system manufacturing industry) to represent the interests of the global automotive supplier industry.

You can find more information about CLEPA at their website.

Recent WP.29 Contributions from CLEPA

11 Dec
A Strategy for EDR and DSSAD (EDR-DSSAD-03-03/Rev.1)
[" DSSAD relates to the development of requirements for data collection and storage with particular attention to liability issues. A Data Storage System for Automated Driving is envisioned as a device or a function for Level 3-5 automated driving systems that can record driver-system interactions surrounding a critical safety event.\r\n DSSAD Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving WP.29 Regulatory Project Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving", " In 2018, EDR became a priority in the WP.29 programme of work in relation to automated vehicle work and proposals for a Data Storage System for Automated Driving (DSSAD).\r\n\r\nIn 2015, the UK Department for Transport published a <a href=\"\" target=\"_bank\">Regulatory Review around Driverless Cars</a>. This looked at whether such vehicles could be tested in the UK and which areas of legislation would need to be changed prior to everyday use of driverless cars. \r\n\r\nThe Review found that event data recorders would be an essential element for the widespread use of driverless cars, given the need for a definitive record of the actions the driver and/or vehicle may or may not have taken prior to a collision.\r\n\r\nTherefore, the UK raised this topic during the May 2015 GRSG session and asked that EDR be added to the agenda for the October 2015 GRSG session. EDR Event Data Recorders WP.29 Regulatory Project Event Data Recorders"]
10 Dec
UN R17: Proposal for amendments to ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2019/27 (10 series of amendments) (GRSP-66-27)
["Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Vehicles with regard to the Seats, their Anchorages and any Head Restraints This Regulation applies to:<ol style=\"list-style-type:lower-alpha\"><li>Vehicles of categories M1 and N with regard to the strength of seats and their anchorages and with regard to their head restraints;</li><li>Vehicles of categories M2 and M3 with regard to seats not covered by Regulation No. 80, in respect of the strength of seats and their anchorages, and in respect of their head restraints;</li><li>Vehicles of category M1 with regard to the design of the rear parts of seat backs and the design of devices intended to protect the occupants from the danger resulting from the displacement of luggage in a frontal impact.</li></ol><p>It does not apply to vehicles with regard to side-facing or rearward-facing seats, or to any head restraint fitted to these seats.</p> Strength of Seats Strength of Seats, Anchorages, and Head Restraints UN Regulation No. 17 UN R17"]
06 Dec
UN R129: Supplement 4 to the 03 series, Supplement 7 to the 02 series, Supplement 8 to the 01 series, Supplement 11 to the original series of amendments (GRSP-66-11)
["Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of enhanced Child Restraint Systems used onboard of motor vehicles. The second phase in the development of this regulation by the Child Restraint Systems informal working group is underway to extend the scope of this regulation to include ISOFIX non-integral universal booster seats. Enhanced Child Restraints Enhanced Child Restraint Systems UN Regulation No. 129 UN R129"]

News & Developments

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