Working Party on Noise | Session 68 | 12-14 Sep 2018

The deadline for the submission of official working documents is 18 June 2018.

This session will address a major change in GRB responsibilities pursuant to the WP.29 decision to establish a Working Party on Automated Vehicles (GRVA) by a “conversion” of GRRF. As a result, WP.29 anticipates transforming GRB into GRBP (Groupe de Rapporteurs pour le Bruit et les Pneumatiques") with responsibility for tyre regulations. Please see agenda item 14 for further information.

Agenda Item 14.
Highlights of the March and June 2018 sessions of WP.29 and reorganization of its Working Parties

22. The secretariat reported on the highlights of the March and June 2018 sessions of WP.29. In particular, GRB noted that, following a request of the Inland Transport Committee, WP.29 had decided to convert the Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear (GRRF) into a new Working Party “Groupe de Rapporteurs pour les Véhicules Autonomes” (GRVA) and to reallocate some former GRRF activities to other Working Parties. In particular, all GRRF activities on tyres had been passed on to GRB, and the WP.29 programme of work had been modified accordingly. In order to explicitly reflect the new GRB responsibilities on tyre-related issues WP.29 proposed adapting the title of GRB to GRBP (Groupe Rapporteur Bruit et Pneumatiques). A final decision on this point would be taken at the November 2018 session of WP.29.

23. The Chair pointed out that, given the enlarged scope of GRB activities, it would need longer sessions to properly address all items. He requested the secretariat to explore the possibilities of adjusting the WP.29 calendar for 2019.

GRB-68-04 General information and WP.29 highlights for GRB-68
GRB-68-19 UN R117: Proposal for a Supplement to the 02 series of amendments (Russia)
GRB-68-23 Snow tyres provisions: status report (BIPAVER, ETRTO, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan)
GRVA/2018/6 UN R30: Proposal for a Supplement (ETRTO)