Session 62 | Geneva | 1-3 Sep 2015
Agenda Item 9. Exchange of information on national and international requirements on noise levels
Working Party on Noise | Session 62 | 1-3 Sep 2015

16. The expert from China briefed GRB on the activities of the China vehicle noise standards working group (GRB-62-10). The experts from Japan informed GRB about the trends of noise regulation in Japan and gave an overview of the future policy for motor vehicle noise reduction (GRB-62-13-Rev.1 and GRB-62-12, respectively). The expert of ISO reported on the activities of his organization on interior noise, with the aim to review ISO 5128 (GRB-62-07). GRB took note of these presentations and felt that some of the issues raised could be included in the programme of work of GRB (see para. 27 below).

17. The expert from the Netherlands presented a policy indicator for road traffic noise emissions (GRB-62-14 and Add.1) that determines the effect of noise control at source on average noise levels at the dwelling facade and on estimated numbers of annoyed and sleep disturbed people. According to the expert, the indicator had been calculated for the Netherlands, showing a potential reduction of up to 50 per cent in annoyed and sleep disturbed people, if tighter limits for vehicles and tyres were introduced and road surfaces were improved. He also suggested that the policy indicator be applied for the whole EU. The experts from ETRTO and OICA commented on the proposed concept. The Chair proposed to continue the discussion in the future, taking into account comments from the industry.

GRB-62-01 | Potential benefits of Triple-A tyres in Rotterdam city (Netherlands)
GRB-62-02/Rev.1 | Report on the "Potential benefits of energy-efficient tyres and correct tyre pressure maintenance" for public vehicles in the Netherlands (Netherlands)
GRB-62-07 | ISO Activity on Interior Noise - ISO 5128 (ISO)
GRB-62-10 | Plans for China vehicle noise standards working group (CATARC)
GRB-62-12 | Overview of the "Future Policy for Motor Vehicle Noise Reduction“ (MoE-Japan)
GRB-62-13/Rev.1 | The trend of noise regulation in Japan (MLIT and JASIC)
GRB-62-14 | A Policy Indicator for Road Traffic Noise Emission (Netherlands, TNO, and I&M)
GRB-62-14/Add.1 | A Policy Indicator for Road Traffic Noise Emission (presentation) (Netherlands)