The trend of noise regulation in Japan
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Presentation of Japan’s plans for phasing in UN R41, UN R51 (Phase 2, but not Phase 3 limits), and UN R117 requirements.

Reference Number: GRB-62-13/Rev.1
Origin: MLIT and JASIC
Date: 24 August 2015
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GRB-62-12 | Overview of the "Future Policy for Motor Vehicle Noise Reduction“
Working Party on Noise | Session 62 | 1-3 Sep 2015

16. The expert from China briefed GRB on the activities of the China vehicle noise standards working group (GRB-62-10). The experts from Japan informed GRB about the trends of noise regulation in Japan and gave an overview of the future policy for motor vehicle noise reduction (GRB-62-13-Rev.1 and GRB-62-12, respectively). The expert of ISO reported on the activities of his organization on interior noise, with the aim to review ISO 5128 (GRB-62-07). GRB took note of these presentations and felt that some of the issues raised could be included in the programme of work of GRB (see para. 27 below).