WP.29 Regulatory Project | Quiet Road Transport Vehicles

Road transport vehicles that rely, in whole or in part, on electric drive trains are reducing air and noise pollution. However, such “hybrid” or “pure electric” vehicles also remove a source of audible signals used by pedestrians (most keenly by the visually impaired) and cyclists to detect the presence and direction of road vehicles. Consequently, quiet vehicles, especially given the current levels of roadway noise, can present dangers to such vulnerable road users.

Following a research and feasibility phase, a group has been established to draft a new global technical regulation for audible vehicle alerting systems under the sponsorship of the United States, Japan, and China. A final draft regulation is expected to be submitted for Forum consideration at its November 2014 session.

WP.29 is developing new regulatory language on this subject. The GAR database contains one draft text under development for eventual submission as part of the regulatory package.