Session 1 | Geneva | 25-28 Sep 2018
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Agenda Item 6. (d)
Automatically Commanded Steering Function

29. The expert from OICA presented ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2018/2, as amended by GRVA-01-22 introducing provisions for ACSF systems of Category C with a so called 2-steps human machine interface for the lane change activation. The expert from France supported the proposal. The expert from the European Commission welcomed this proposal. The proposal received some comments from the experts from Germany, Korea, Netherlands, and Sweden namely on the deletion of some provisions, the proposed amendment to extend the time by which a lane change manoeuvre shall begin and the proposed Annex 9. GRVA invited interested experts to prepare a revised proposal addressing the comments received.

30. The expert from Germany presented the status report of the IWG on ACSF (GRVA-01-37). She requested guidance on whether the group should develop provisions for a new regulation, as the activities would go beyond the scope of UN Regulation No. 79 as originally envisaged. GRVA agreed with the suggestion of the IWG that technical provisions for new regulation should be developed. She introduced GRVA-01-08 with amended ToR for the group in line with the decision of GRVA in favour of a new regulation. GRVA endorsed the proposal for revised ToR as reproduced in Annex III to the report and noted that the timeline was ambitious. The Chair agreed to bring this point to the attention of WP.29.

31. The secretariat presented GRVA-01-36 with a correction proposal to align the three linguistic versions of UN Regulation No. 79. GRVA agreed with the proposal and requested the secretariat to make the necessary corrections in the English version as follow:

Paragraph 2.4.15., correct to read:

“2.4.15. An ACSF is in “active mode” (or “active”) when the function is switched on and the conditions for being active are met. In this mode, the system continuously or discontinuously controls the steering system is generating, or is ready to generate, a steering control action to assist the driver."

32. The expert from CITA introduced GRVA-01-25 with a proposal to include in UN Regulation No. 79 Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) related provisions with regards to ACSF of Category B2. GRVA wondered why the proposal was based on an outdated working paper (ACSF-06-28) of the IWG on ACSF. GRVA agreed that the document should be addressed to the Task Force on PTI/ roadworthiness of the ACSF systems led by the expert from Sweden.

33. The expert from Sweden presented GRVA-01-24 with a status report of the Task Force on PTI/roadworthiness of ACSF systems. The expert from the Russian Federation, Chair of the IWG on PTI, invited the Task Force to liaise with the IWG on these issues. GRVA agreed that the group should liaise with the IWG on PTI on Periodic Technical Inspection process related issues and that the Task Force should focus on roadworthiness related provisions linked to the construction of automated vehicles such as continuous self-diagnostic functions, system failure recognition, fault code recording and fault code access.

34. The expert from AVERE introduced GRVA-01-04 proposing to clarify the existing introduction of UN Regulation No. 79 with regard to the prohibition of approval according to UN Regulation No. 79 of steering systems that incorporate functions by which the steering can be controlled by external signals. The expert from the Republic of Korea stated the importance of addressing this issue. The experts from Germany, the Netherlands, Russian Federation and Sweden stated that the purpose of the proposal was unclear and asked for more information on the context of the proposal. GRVA invited the expert from AVERE to consider whether changes to the text would be preferable to the use of footnotes and suggested he consult the experts and to produce a revised proposal for consideration at the next session.

GRVA-01-04 | UN R79: Proposal for Supplements to the 02 and 03 series of amendments (AVERE)
GRVA-01-08 | UN R79: Proposal for revised ToR and RoP of the IWG on ACSF
GRVA-01-08/Rev.1 | Revised terms of reference for the ACSF informal group
GRVA-01-22 | UN R79: Proposal to amend GRVA/2018/2 (Supplement to the 03 series of amendments) (CLEPA and OICA)
GRVA-01-24 | Progress report of the group on PTI/roadworthiness provisions for ACSF (Sweden)
GRVA-01-25 | Proposal for PTI on ACSF B2 / Automated Lane Keeping System (CITA)
GRVA-01-36 | UN R79: Proposal for a Corrigendum
GRVA-01-37 | Status report of the ACSF informal group
GRVA/2018/2 | UN R79: Proposal for a Supplement (CLEPA and OICA)