Session 72 | Geneva | 12-15 Jan 2016
Agenda Item 5. Regulations Nos. 85, 115 and 133
Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 71 | 9-12 Jun 2015

36. The Chair of the IWG on GFV introduced GRPE-71-03 aimed at simplifying the communication model of approval in UN Regulation No. 115 to prevent the retrofit system manufacturer from knowing in advance the original CO2 emissions of all qualified vehicles.

37. GRPE agreed in principle with the proposal and requested the secretariat to distribute it with an official symbol at the next GRPE session.

Informal Group on Gaseous Fueled Vehicles | Session 40 | 11 May 2015

4. GFV 40-02 has been proposed and discussed at the last GFV. The proposed amendment is aimed at simplifying the communication model of approval for LPG vehicles. As regards vehicle types for which the retrofit system is qualified (i.e. other than parent vehicles), the current model requires the communication of a calculated CO2 factor as well as of the specific CO2 emissions in the gas mode.

The proposal received approval from the GFV to move forward to the full GRPE meeting in June 2015.

GRPE/2016/5 | Proposal for a new Supplement to the original version of Regulation No. 115