Session 163 | Geneva | 24-27 Jun 2014
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Agenda Item 4.7.3.
Proposal for the 07 series of amendments to Regulation No. 83 (Emissions of M1 and N1 vehicles)

No objections to the proposals which are passed for consideration to adopt during the AC.1 session.

57. Agenda item 4.7.3, Regulation No. 83, ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/41, correct Annex 4a, Appendix 7, paragraph 4.1.2., to read:

"4.1.2. Tyres

The choice of tyres shall be based on the rolling resistance. The tyres with the highest rolling resistance shall be chosen, measured according to ISO 28580.

If there are more than three tyre rolling resistances, the tyre with the second highest rolling resistance shall be chosen.

The rolling resistance characteristics of the tyres fitted to production vehicles shall reflect those of the tyres used for type approval."