World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 163 | 24-27 Jun 2014
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Agenda Item 2.2.
Programme of work, documentation and calendar of sessions for the year 2015

12. The World Forum noted the revised programme of work and documentation (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/1). WP.29 representatives were invited to review the document and to communicate to the secretariat any amendments deemed necessary. The secretariat presented the draft calendar of sessions for the year 2015 (based on WP.29-163-01 as reproduced in Annex II to the session report) and announced that a request to advance the May session of GRSG by two weeks would be transmitted to the Conference Services.

13. The secretariat presented the list of the GRs, Informal Working Groups (IWGs) and the list of the Administrative and Executive Committees (WP.29-163-02-Rev.1). At the request of the Chair of GRPE, WP.29 agreed to extend the mandate of the Gaseous Fuelled Vehicles (GFV) IWG until June 2016. The representative of the United States of America pointed out that the Chair of the IWG on Harmonization of Side Impact Dummies was Ms. M. Medri (United States of America).

14. The secretariat also presented the distribution of tasks in the secretariat (WP.29-163-11-Rev.1). WP.29 noted that two of the three vacancies were assigned on temporary basis. The Chair of GRPE thanked Mr. F. Guichard for ensuring the secretariat of GRPE on a temporary basis. Nevertheless and due to the workload, he stressed the importance of finalizing the selection process of the secretary of GRPE as a matter of urgency with a permanent staff member. The representative of Italy stated that the selection of the new Chief of Section should be made with the technical continuity in mind.

WP.29-163-01 | Draft calendar of meetings of WP.29, GRs and Committees for 2015 to be confirmed by conference services
WP.29-163-02/Rev.1 | WP.29: Working Parties, Informal Working Groups and Chairs (20/06/2014)
WP.29-163-11/Rev.1 | Reorganization of the WP.29 Secretariat
WP.29/2014/1 | Revised Programme of Work of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) and its Subsidiary Bodies