Reorganization of the WP.29 Secretariat
Document WP.29-163-11/Rev.1
13 June 2014

Table of staff assignments, including the vacancy at the head of the Vehicle Regulations and Transport Innovation Section with the retirement of Juan Ramos Garcia from 1 July.

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14. The secretariat also presented the distribution of tasks in the secretariat (WP.29-163-11-Rev.1). WP.29 noted that two of the three vacancies were assigned on temporary basis. The Chair of GRPE thanked Mr. F. Guichard for ensuring the secretariat of GRPE on a temporary basis. Nevertheless and due to the workload, he stressed the importance of finalizing the selection process of the secretary of GRPE as a matter of urgency with a permanent staff member. The representative of Italy stated that the selection of the new Chief of Section should be made with the technical continuity in mind.