WP.29 Regulations and Rulemaking
GTR No. 1 Door Locks WP.29/AC.3 endorsed the request for authorization to develop an amendment to prevent the accidental opening of the back door(s) of vehicles in motion at its June 2016 session. The amendment project has been turned over to GRSP for development. Door Locks Door Locks and Door Retention Components GTR No. 1 GTR No. 1
GTR No. 2 WMTC Measurement procedure for two-wheeled motorcycles equipped with a positive or compression ignition engine with regard to the emission of gaseous pollutants, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption WMTC Motorcycle Emissions and Fuel Consumption GTR No. 2 GTR No. 2
GTR No. 3 Motorcycle Brakes Global Technical Regulation No. 3: Motorcycle Brake Systems WP.29/AC.3 is expected to consider a draft request for authorization to develop Amendment 3 to UN GTR No. 3 during its November 2016 session. The proposed amendment would align the GTR with the provisions for anti-lock braking systems used in other regulations. The amendment would also clarify the limits on the use of any temporary ABS deactivation switch and prohibition against permanent disabling of ABS if fitted on a motorcycle. Motorcycle Brakes Motorcycle Brake Systems GTR No. 3 GTR No. 3
GTR No. 4 WHDC Global Technical Regulation No. 4: Test Procedure for Compression-ignition (C.I.) Engines and Positive-ignition (P.I.) Engines Fuelled with Natural Gas (NG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) with regard to the Emission of Pollutants The Informal Group on Heavy-Duty Hybrids expects to deliver its final draft amendment to GTR No.4 at the January 2014 session of GRPE. This amendment would extend GTR No. 4 to include test procedures to evaluate hybrid heavy-duty vehicles. WHDC Worldwide Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Certification Procedure GTR No. 4 GTR No. 4
GTR No. 5 OBD Technical requirements for on-board diagnostic systems (OBD) for road vehicles OBD On-Board Diagnostic Systems GTR No. 5 GTR No. 5
GTR No. 6 Safety Glazing Safety glazing materials for motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment Safety Glazing Safety Glazing Materials GTR No. 6 GTR No. 6
GTR No. 7 Head Restraints Global Technical Regulation No. 7: Head Restraints This regulation specifies requirements for head restraints to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries caused by rearward displacement of the head (i.e. whiplash from rear-end collisions). A second phase in the development of this rule is underway to address the following: <ol><li>new headrest height requirements; <li>a dynamic test to mitigate both short and long term whiplash injuries; <li>evaluation of dummy use and injury criteria vis-à-vis biofidelity and correspondence with real world accidents.</ol> GRSP is expected to consider an informal proposal, addressing all issues, including a draft Addendum 1 to the M.R.1 at its December 2016 session. AC.3 agreed to extend the mandate of the IWG until March 2017. Head Restraints Head Restraints GTR No. 7 GTR No. 7
GTR No. 8 ESC Systems Electronic stability control systems This regulation applies to all passenger and commercial vehicles (categories 1-1, 1-2,and 2) with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of <u>4,536 kilograms or less</u>. ESC Systems Electronic Stability Control Systems GTR No. 8 GTR No. 8
GTR No. 9 Pedestrian Safety (GTR) Global Technical Regulation No. 9: Pedestrian Safety Pedestrian Safety (GTR) Pedestrian Safety GTR No. 9 GTR No. 9
GTR No. 10 OCE Off-cycle emissions OCE Off-Cycle Emissions GTR No. 10 GTR No. 10
GTR No. 11 NRMM Emissions Test procedure for compression-ignition engines to be installed in agricultural and forestry tractors and in non-road mobile machinery with regard to the emissions of pollutants by the engine NRMM Emissions Non-Road Mobile Machinery Emissions GTR No. 11 GTR No. 11
GTR No. 12 Motorcycle Controls Global technical regulation concerning uniform provisions for location and identification of motorcycle controls, tell-tales and indicators This GTR establishes uniform criteria, especially with regard to the use of symbols, for the location, identification and operation of motorcycle controls, tell-tales and indicators. Its purpose is to reduce safety risks associated with rider distraction due to differences in the graphical representation of tell-tales and indicators from one motorcycle to another and/or due to errors in control selection resulting from such inconsistencies. Motorcycle Controls Location and Identification of Motorcycle Hand Controls, Tell-tales and Indicators GTR No. 12 GTR No. 12
GTR No. 13 Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Vehicles Global technical regulation on hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles This regulation specifies safety-related performance requirements for hydrogen-fueled vehicles. The regulation aims to minimize the risk of serious injury due to fire, burst or explosion related to the vehicle fuel system and/or from electric shock caused by the vehicle’s high voltage system. Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Vehicles Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety GTR No. 13 GTR No. 13
GTR No. 14 Pole Side Impact This Australian-sponsored project establishes uniform procedures for measuring the performance of passenger and commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of up to 4500 kg in pole side-impact accidents. Pole Side Impact Pole Side Impact Protection (PSI) GTR No. 14 GTR No. 14
GTR No. 15 WLTP Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure <p>This GTR prescribes a test cycle and test procedures to measure the emissions (including off-cycle) and fuel efficiency of light-duty vehicles. The GTR was adopted at the March 2014 session of the World Forum.</p> <p>A supplemental "phase 1b" is underway to refine certain elements of the initial regulation. WP.29/AC.3 expects to consider a proposal for Amend. 1 to UN GTR No. 15 in November 2016 as result of Phase 1b activities.</p> <p>A second phase is expected to address low ambient temperature, high altitude test procedures, and possibly durability and conformity issues.</p> <p>A third phase would eventually include the addition of reference fuels, correlation across existing regional/national cycles, and introduction of emissions limits.</p> <p>The <a href="https://wiki.unece.org/display/trans/Latest+GTR+15" target="_blank">latest draft version</a> of the amended GTR is regularly updated by the WLTP informal working group.</p> <p>The regulation is also supplemented by a <a href="https://wiki.unece.org/display/trans/Gearshift+calculation+tool" target="_blank">gearshift calculation tool</a>. WLTP Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure GTR No. 15 GTR No. 15
GTR No. 16 Tires This project would establish a "global technical regulation concerning uniform provisions for pneumatic radial tyres for passenger and light truck (commercial) vehicles". WP.29 (via the TyreGTR informal working group) is preparing amendments to Part II of GTR No.16:<ol class="alpha"><li>Addition of new definitions (Section 2);</li><li>Harmonization of the Load Range concept in relationship to Inflation Pressure (Section 2);</li><li>Alignment of the provisions for tyre marking and physical dimensions of PC tyres with the most recent developments in UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 54 (Sections 3.3 and 3.5);</li><li>Harmonization of FMVSS 139 requirements relative to UNECE PSI index (Sections 3.14 and 3.15);</li><li>Delection of provisions for physical dimensions of LT/C tyres based on FMVSS 139 (Section 3.20) an UN Regulation No. 54 (Section 3.21) and addition of new harmonized provisions for physical dimensions of LT/C tyres (new Section 3.20);</li><li>Deletion of provisions for high speed test for LT/C tyres based on FMVSS 139 (Section 3.19) and UN Regulation No. 54 (Section 3.16) and addition of new harmonized provisions for high speed test for LT/C tyres (new Section 3.16);</li><li>Updates of the Annexes 3 and 6 with regard to the most recent developments in UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 54.</li></ol> Other topics under this "Phase 2" development of GTR No. 16 include:<ol class="alpha"><li>Consideration of feasibility of harmonization of endurance test for LT/C tyres (Sections 3.16 and 3.17); and</li><li>Consideration of feasibility of development of provisions for global tyre marking.</li></ol> Tires Tires GTR No. 16 GTR No. 16
GTR No. 17 Motorcycle Evaporative Emissions Measurement procedure for two- or three-wheeled light motor vehicle equipped with a combustion engine with regard to the crankcase and evaporative emissions. Motorcycle Evaporative Emissions Motorcycle crankcase and evaporative emissions GTR No. 17 GTR No. 17
GTR No. 18 L-OBD Project to establish a Global Technical Regulation and its homologous UN Regulation for motorcycle and moped on-board diagnostic systems. L-OBD Motorcycle On-Board Diagnostic Systems GTR No. 18 GTR No. 18
GTR No. 19 Evaporative emissions Under the Phase 2 development of GTR No. 15, the WLTP informal group began considering evaporative emissions. This resulted in the adoption of GTR 19 on Evaporative Emissions under the WLTP test cycle in June 2017. Evaporative emissions Motor vehicle evaporative emissions GTR No. 19 GTR No. 19
GTR No. 20 Electric Vehicle Safety Electric Vehicle Safety Electric Vehicle Safety GTR No. 20 GTR No. 20
GTR No. 21 EV Power Determination EV Power Determination Electric Vehicle System Power Determination GTR No. 21 GTR No. 21
GTR No. 22 EV Battery Durability In-vehicle Battery Durability for Electrified Vehicles Program under the EVE informal group to develop a new UN Global Technical Regulation. EV Battery Durability Electrified Vehicle Battery Durability GTR No. 22 GTR No. 22
GTR No. 23 L-vehicle Pollution Control Durability Requirements for Two- and Three-wheeled Light Motor Vehicles with regard to the Durability of the Pollution Control Devices This proposed global technical regulation would supplement the three main environmental performance verification test types (i.e., I, II, and VII as envisioned for GTR No. 2 by the Informal Working Group on Environmental and Propulsion Performance Requirements of L-category vehicles (EPPR)) with procedures for verifying pollution device/system durability. This effort includes both the development of the GTR and its UN Regulation counterpart. For convenience, materials concerning both efforts are grouped here. L-vehicle Pollution Control Durability Durability of L-category Vehicle Pollution Control Devices GTR No. 23 GTR No. 23
GTR No. 24 Brake Emissions Foundational documents for the discussion on a new GTR for brake emissions can be found <a href="https://wiki.unece.org/display/trans/GTR+Brake+emissions+-+informal+documents" target="_blank">here</a>. Brake Emissions Laboratory Measurement of Brake Emissions for Light-Duty Vehicles GTR No. 24 GTR No. 24