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Structure of the new lighting device regulations pursuant to the 7th SLR informal group session
Document SLR-08-02
7 January 2016

Updated paper on the grouping of lighting regulations under one of three new regulations as follows:
Light Signaling Devices incorporating Regulations 4, 6, 7, 23, 38, 50, 77, 87, and 91
Forward Lighting Devices incorporating Regulations 19, 98, 112, [ 113 ], 119, and 123
Retro-Reflective Devices incorporating Regulations 3, 27, 69, 70, and 104

Submitted by GTB
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
5. | New approach

Mr. Draper introduced document SLR-08-01 providing a comprehensive overview of objectives, the challenges and the proposed work plan on the basis of the outcome of the 7th SLR session. He also pointed out that the work done so far by the SLR was not wasted because now it can be used for the development of the new Regulations.

The document was reviewed carefully by the participants and several comments and improvements have been made. The following is a list of the most significant conclusions that were agreed by the SLR:

  • It was agreed to use the term “Road illumination” instead of “Forward lighting”.
  • The proper functioning of the DETA database will be fundamental for the success of the simplification work. Without DETA properly working the whole simplification job will fail.
  • All the pending proposals in the pipeline will be reviewed to decide if they can be passed to GRE with the aim of being adopted by WP.29 in March 2017. The SLR will base its simplification work on the existing UN Regulations as amended by WP.29 in March 2017, therefore those proposals not adopted by WP.29 will not be taken into account for the simplification, regardless of the time they have been waiting in the pipeline.
  • The new UN Regulations will be drafted on the basis of the format indicated in document SLR-08-02 (to be refined)
  • The present content of R-48 will not be amended, except that all definitions (installation and devices) will be moved into section 2 “Definitions”.

-Structure for a new regulation to group a number of existing regulations (Rev. of SLR-07-07): This document was addressed in conjunction with the discussion on the previous item.

8. | Next steps
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