Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 9 | 1-5 Feb 2021
Web conference
Agenda Item 5. (a)
Cyber security and data protection

GRVA may wish to be briefed on the outcome of the recent meeting(s) of the IWG on Cybersecurity and Over-the-Air issues.

GRVA may wish to review a draft set of technical requirements relevant for the 1998 Agreement Contracting Parties, if any.

GRVA agreed to consider a proposal tabled by the expert from the Russian Federation proposing clarifications of para. 5.3.5.

GRVA may wish to review other proposals for amendments to UN Regulation No. 155 (Cyber Security and Cyber Security Management System), if any.

GRVA may wish to consider other submissions concerning cybersecurity and vehicle connectivity.

GRVA-09-08 UN R155: Comments on document GRVA/2021/5 (CLEPA and OICA)
GRVA-09-11 Status report of the Cyber Security/OTA Software Updates informal group
GRVA-09-12 Safe & Secure Connectivity: The Extended Vehicle Concept and Standards (ISO)
GRVA-09-13 ISO 20077-2: Road Vehicles — Extended vehicle (ExVe) methodology — Part 2: Methodology for designing the extended vehicle (ISO)
GRVA-09-14 ISO 20077-1: Road Vehicles — Extended vehicle (ExVe) methodology — Part 1: General information (ISO)
GRVA-09-31 Proposal to amend the WP.29 AV Framework Document
GRVA/2021/5 UN R155: Proposal for amendments (Russia)