Session 170 | Geneva | 15-18 Nov 2016
Agenda Item 6. Exchange of views on national/regional rulemaking procedures and implementation of established UN Regulations and/or gtrs into national/regional law

86. The representative of Euro NCAP presented the development and outcome of their crash tests campaign with L7 category vehicles. He stated that four vehicles had been displayed on the grounds of the Palais de Nations in an exposition organized with the support of the secretariat. He presented (WP.29-170-38) the results of crash tests on eight different models of L7 category vehicles and highlighted the reasons why these vehicles received low ratings (between zero and two stars on the five-star scale). He stressed that the crash-worthiness of L7 vehicles was substandard and that more stringent regulations on the safety and the construction of these types of vehicles would be justified.

87. The representative from India, highlighted in his intervention the role and positive impact of India’s automotive sector on the country’s strong economic growth. He expressed his satisfaction that major vehicle manufacturers had invested in his country. He informed WP.29 that with the significant achievements resulting from India’s 2006 – 2016 automotive mission plan, the Indian Government has recently finalized its Mission plan for the next ten years. The country expects growth in all road categories of road vehicles manufactured, significant progress in application of green technologies as a result of dedicated actions to mitigate environmental concerns, and important progress in the sphere of road safety. He reported that vehicle standards in India were recently subjected to legislative amendments that provide for a leapfrogging to the latest emission standards and the introduction of crashworthiness requirements and norms for pedestrian safety. The representative from India closed his deliberation by emphasizing India’s commitment to transpose GTRs adopted under the 1998 agreement into national regulations. The complete statement of the representative of India is available in Informal document WP.29-170-37.

WP.29-170-32 | Letter to the Chairman regarding the safety of quadricycles (Global NCAP)
WP.29-170-35 | EU-funded EuroMed Road, Rail and Urban Transport Project
WP.29-170-37 | Highlights of the speech by Mr. Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary, Department of Heavy Industries of the Republic of India (India)
WP.29-170-38 | Quadricycle Safety: How do L7s fare in standard crash tests? (Euro NCAP and Global NCAP)