1. Adoption of the agenda
ITS/AD-08-01/Rev.3 | Updated provisional agenda for the 8th ITS/AD informal group session
2. Approval of the report of the previous session
ITS/AD-08-02/Rev.1 | Major results and action items of the 7th ITS/AD informal group meeting
3. Working items
3.1. Definition of Automated Driving Technology and Identify the main horizontal issues and legal obstacles
3.2. Information communication security related to automated driving
ITS/AD-08-05 | Cybersecurity and data protection: Working paper status Discussion paper on security and data protection for automated and connected vehicles, including initial proposals for guidelines and concepts towards providing a framework for building out requirements for countermeasures and performance.
4. Other business
ITS/AD-08-06 | French views on cyber-security with regards to type-approval on connected vehicles Proposal to prioritize work towards adopting "secure by design" standards for vehicle architecture and network systems, including attention to automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) methods proposed in ISO 26262.
ITS/AD-08-07 | Presentation of French views on the regulation of automatically commanded steering functions Copy of document GRRF-81-14: Presentation on French government views on the approval of automated steering at speeds above 10 km/h under UN Regulation No. 79. The principle recommendation is to restrict amendments to UN R79 to lateral vehicle control as speeds above 10 km/h while setting other work on more advanced capabilities (longitudinal + latitudinal, lane change, passing, etc.) for future separate regulations.
ITS/AD-08-11 | Activities of ISO/TC 22 on Autonomous Vehicles