(Latest posted on 28 May 2024)
GRVA Scope
Groups reporting to GRVA
Please note that some groups may no longer be active.
FADS Task Force on the Fitness of GRVA Regulations for Application to ADS Vehicles Next session: 6 Sep
AVC Automated Vehicle Categorisation Next session: 16 Sep
ADAS Task Force on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Next session: 29-30 Jul
ADS Informal Working Group on Automated Driving Systems Next session: 8-11 Oct
TFCS UN Task Force on Cybersecurity and Software Updates Last session: May 2024
VMAD Validation Methods for Automated Driving Last session: May 2024
EBSIG Special Interest Group on Electromechanical Braking Last session: May 2024
ACPE Acceleration Control for Pedal Error Next session: 18-20 Sep
EDR-DSSAD Event Data Recorders and Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving Last session: April 2024
FRAV Functional Requirements for Automated Vehicles Last session: December 2023
UNR157 Special Interest Group on UN R157 Last session: September 2022
AEBS-HDV Heavy Duty Vehicle Advanced Emergency Braking Systems Special Interest Group Last session: April 2022
AEBS Automatic Emergency Braking for Category M1/N1 Vehicles Last session: September 2021
MVC Modular Vehicle Combinations Last session: January 2020
ACSF Automatically Commanded Steering Functions Last session: January 2020
Ad Hoc AEBS Ad Hoc Group on Heavy Vehicle AEBS Last session: December 2018
TFAV Task Force on Automated Vehicle Testing Last session: October 2018
FIT Regulation Fitness for Automated Vehicles