(Latest posted on 18 Apr 2024)
GRSG Scope
Groups reporting to GRSG
Please note that some groups may no longer be active.
IWG-FVA Field of Vision Assistant Informal Working Group Last session: April 2024
AVRS GRSG Automated Vehicles Regulatory Screening Last session: March 2024
VRU-Proxi Awareness of Vulnerable Road Users during Low-speed Maneuvers Last session: April 2024
AVC Automated Vehicle Categorisation Next session: 11-12 Jun
R39MV Task Force on UN R39 and mileage values Next session: 3-4 Jun
EDR-DSSAD Event Data Recorders and Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving Last session: April 2024
BMFE Behaviour of M2 & M3 General Construction in Case of Fire Event Last session: September 2021
TF-FVA Field of Vision Assistant Task Force Last session: May 2021
R116Key Task Force on Definition of a Key under UN R116 Last session: March 2021
PSG Informal Working Group on Panoramic Sunroof Glazing Last session: October 2020
AECS Informal Group on Accident Emergency Call Systems Last session: April 2016
CMS II Informal Group on Camera Monitor Systems (II) Last session: March 2015
IGPG Informal Group for the Introduction of Plastic Glazing into Regulation 43 Last session: June 2014
LNG Task Force on Liquefied Natural Gas Last session: December 2013
CMS Informal Group on Camera Monitor Systems Last session: December 2009
SDWEE Informal Group on Service Doors, Windows, and Emergency Exits Last session: January 2012
MCSYM Informal Working Group on the GTR for Motorcycle Controls, Telltales and Indicators Last session: April 2011
FIT Regulation Fitness for Automated Vehicles