Proposal to amend draft Revision 3 of the 1958 Agreement
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Proposal to clarify the mutual recognition requirement of the draft revision of the 1958 Agreement. OICA views the clause that subjects the mutual recognition requirement to “any special provisions” contained within a given UN Regulation as potentially detrimental to the basic principles of uniformity and mutual recognition. The phrase was deemed necessary because such special provisions do exist; however, OICA proposes to revise the phrase ostensibly to avoid creating the impression that the use of such “special provisions” is routine (rather than exceptional) under the Agreement.

Reference Number: WP.29-164-23
Origin: OICA
Date: 8 November 2014
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World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 164 | 11-14 Nov 2014

53. The representative of OICA introduced WP.29-164-23 proposing to clarify in Article 3 of draft Revision 3, the special provisions within the UN Regulations with respect to the principles of the mutual recognition. The representative of Australia supported the proposal. WP.29 noted some comments and agreed to resume consideration of this matter at its next session, awaiting the feedback of IWVTA. WP.29 noted a concern expressed by the European Commission services on the late availability of the document and agreed to resume consideration pending the discussion of the document.

56. The World Forum recognized that the Contracting Parties would need more time to review the above proposals and agreed to resume consideration of this subject at its next session in March 2015. The representatives of Germany and the United Kingdom noted the need for a finalized text prior to submitting to their national authorities for approval and so the World Forum agreed that adoption of the revised agreement would be delayed accordingly. The secretariat was also requested to circulate WP.29-164-23 as a separate official document.