Session 163 | Geneva | 24-27 Jun 2014
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Agenda Item 4.2.2.
Guidance regarding the application of Supplements to several series of amendments running in parallel.

39. Upon the request of WP.29 at its previous session, the secretariat presented the guidelines on amendments to UN Regulations (WP.29-163-10) with several proposals on the administrative proceedings of the secretariat under the current version and the future Revision 3 of the 1958 Agreement. WP.29 welcomed the proposal and referred the document to IWVTA and its subgroups for detailed consideration at their next meetings. WP.29 invited all interested delegates to transmit their comments to the secretariat and agreed to resume consideration on this subject at its next session on the basis of a revised document, taking into account the comments received.

40. Concluding the discussion, WP.29 requested the secretariat to participate in all forthcoming meetings of IWVTA.

WP.29-163-10 | Guidelines on amendments to UN Regulations