Session 163 | Geneva | 24-27 Jun 2014
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Agenda Item 4.3.
Development of the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) system

45. The representative of Japan, Vice-Chair of the IWG on IWVTA, reported on the work progress made during the meetings held in Moscow prior to the WP.29 session (WP.29-163-19). He underlined the need to distribute a questionnaire to be sent to all countries/REIO (regional economic integrated organizations) participating in WP.29 on the difficulty with the proposed UN Regulations included in UN R0 and on the procedure for spare parts (WP.29-163-20 and WP.29-163-21). He proposed the insertion of a new column in the status document of the Agreement to list minimum acceptable versions of UN Regulations by Contracting Parties which accept the IWVTA of limited recognition. He sought the consent of WP.29 to use English as the only language for the application of type approvals and the accompanying documentation.

46. The World Forum welcomed the work done by IWVTA and endorsed the proposed procedures above.