Subjects for future consideration by the Working Party on Noise
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Reference Number: GRB-64-08
Date: 29 August 2016
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GRB-64-10 | Japan remarks on the list of subjects for future consideration by the Working Party on Noise
Working Party on Noise | Session 64 | 5-7 Sep 2016

32. The Chair presented a revised list of possible issues for the future GRB activities compiled at the third informal meeting in July 2016 (GRB-64-08). The expert from Japan proposed modifications to the time limits of some activities listed in this document. The expert from France presented proposals to improve efficiency of road vehicle noise Regulations by tackling such issues as day-to-day and track-to-track dispersion between measurements and different interpretations of the same text (GRB-64-15). The expert from EC proposed to include three additional points related to L-category vehicles (GRB-64-17). The expert from OICA reported on a meeting between ETRTO and OICA which concluded that a harmonized test procedure for tyre and vehicle noise measurements would be beneficial for industry and environment. Finally, GRB invited all experts to submit their comments in writing to the Chair and requested the Chair to update the list accordingly.