Comments on ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRB/2015/7
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Comments on the draft Supplement 5 to the UN R28. The draft supplement aims to refine definitions, removes the “AWD” abbeviation for “audible warning device” to avoid confusion with its more common use for “all wheel drive”, adds T category agricultural vehicles to the scope, modifies some administrative communications, and proposes three-direction acoustic measurements.

Reference Number: GRB-62-18
Origin: India
Date: 24 August 2015
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Noise | Session 62 | 1-3 Sep 2015

3. The expert from the Russian Federation introduced an updated text of Regulation No. 28, with the aim to align its provisions with the current rulemaking practice. (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRB/2015/7). This proposal received comments from the experts of France, India and OICA (GRB-62-20, GRB-62-18 and GRB-62-21-Rev.1, respectively). In particular, the expert from France proposed to include a modular approach to permit the introduction of other audible signals. GRB invited the expert from the Russian Federation to take these comments into account and to submit a revised document for consideration at the next session.