Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 85 | 26-29 Oct 2021
Agenda Item 7. (a)
UN Regulation No. 10 (Electromagnetic compatibility)

35. The expert from the Czechia, supported by the Task Force on Electromagnetic Compatibility (TF EMC), proposed to clarify the reference point determination for category L6 and L7 vehicles in paragraph 3.3. and to correct Figure 1 in Annex 4, Appendix (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRE/2021/10). GRE adopted the proposal, as amended by GRE-85-06, and requested the secretariat to submit it for consideration and vote at the March 2022 sessions of WP.29 as draft Supplement 2 to the 06 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 10.

36. GRE took note of the TF EMC status report (GRE-85-10) as well as of the current working draft of a new series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 10 (GRE-85-07). GRE invited all experts to study the draft and send their comments to TF EMC. Given the importance of the EMC-related activities, GRE agreed that in 2022 TF EMC should be upgraded to an Informal Working Group on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IWG EMC). GRE invited experts from contracting parties to nominate a Chair for the future IWG EMC and requested TF EMC to prepare draft Terms of Reference of IWG EMC for consideration at the next session.

GRE-85-06 UN R10: Correction to proposal for Supplement 2 to 06 series of amendments (Czech Republic)
GRE-85-07 UN R10: Proposal for 07 series of amendments
GRE-85-10 UN R10: TF EMC Status report
GRE/2021/10 UN R10: Proposal for Supplement 2 to the 06 series of amendments (Czech Republic)