Session 84 | Geneva | 19-22 Sep 2017
Agenda Item 4. Regulation No. 55
Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 81 | 1-5 Feb 2016

19. The expert from Germany introduced GRRF-81-09 proposing ToR for a new IWG on Agricultural Coupling that would remove the Agricultural Coupling provisions from Regulation No. 55 and would include them in a new Regulation. The proposal received some comments to limit the number of classes, as reproduced in GRRF-81-09-Rev.1. GRRF agreed with the proposal for a new IWG that would take into consideration the work done by the Task Force on Agricultural Couplings (GRRF-81-10). GRRF agreed in principle with the proposal of the expert from Spain proposing generic provisions to be defined, which could be used for the approval of specific agricultural coupling at the national level. The secretariat noted that GRRF-81-10 was based on a former version of Regulation No. 55 and proposed that the new IWG on Agricultural Coupling would take into consideration the latest version of Regulation No. 55. GRRF agreed that the expert from Germany would chair the IWG and that the expert from the Comité Européen des groupements de constructeurs du machinisme agricole (CEMA) would provide the secretariat of the group. GRRF requested that the IWG would first revise and clarify the ToR of the group.

GRRF-84-26 | Editorial corrections to GRRF/2017/13 on agricultural vehicle couplings (Germany)
GRRF-84-27 | Status report of the Agricultural Coupling Devices and Components (ACDC) informal group
GRRF/2017/13 | Proposal for a new Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of mechanical coupling components of combinations of agricultural vehicles