Session 170 | Geneva | 15-18 Nov 2016
Agenda Item 3.5.3. Working Party on General Safety Provisions (GRSG) (111th session, 10-14 October 2016)

42. The GRSG Chair reported on the results achieved during the 111th session of GRSG (for more details see the report of the session ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/90).

43. The GRSG Chair informed WP.29 about the work progress of the IWG on Panoramic Sunroof Glazing (PSG) and the need to extend the mandate of the IWG by one and a half years. WP.29 and AC.3 (see para. 129 below) endorsed the request and agreed to extend the mandate of the IWG until June 2018.

44. WP.29 acknowledged the work done by GRSG on further amendments to UN Regulation No. 46 (Devices for indirect vision) and its request to set up a new IWG on close proximity vision and obstacle detection systems to broaden the participation of other Contracting Parties in the discussion on this subject. WP.29 gave its consent to establish the new IWG on close proximity vision and obstacle detection systems.

45. WP.29 noted the controversial discussion in GRSG on the draft UN Regulation on Accident Emergency Call Systems (AECS), especially on performance of the mechanical solidity. The IWG on AECS had concluded that the corridor of the sled pulse of 60g (as specified in the draft UN Regulation) was severe enough for real world crashes. However, the European Commission (EC) did not support the proposal, as the EU legislation required a pulse peak of 65g. Japan expressed its intention to resolve this issue in cooperation with the EC on the basis of a technical discussion. WP.29 invited all Contracting Parties to consider possible solutions to resolve the incoherence of positions on the pulse peak of 60g versus 65g.

46. WP.29 noted that GRSG had re-elected Mr. A. Erario (Italy) as Chair and Mr. K. Hendershot (Canada) as Vice-Chair for the year 2017.

GRSG/90 | Report of the GRSG on its 111th session