Session 59 | Geneva | 9-13 May 2016
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Agenda Item 7.
Global technical regulation on electric vehicles

13. The expert from the United States of America informed GRSP with a presentation (GRSP-59-11) on the progress of work of the IWG on Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS). He also introduced the progress report of the work of the IWG (GRSP-59-10). He informed GRSP that the most recent meeting of the IWG had been held, in Tokyo (March 2016). He explained that the work of the nine task forces of the IWG had progressed sufficiently to be able to conclude within the given mandate of Phase 1 of the UN GTR. Thus, he informed GRSP about the following schedule for the conclusion of the work of the IWG:

a) 13-17 June 2016: eleventh meeting of the IWG EVS will be held in Washington DC, United States of America. The Task Forces (TF) will also conduct meetings in the same week prior to the IWG meeting.
b) September 2016: twelfth IWG EVS meeting is being planned for the end of September 2016. Location will be decided at the eleventh meeting.
c) October-December 2016: possible drafting team meetings.
d) December 2016: presenting a draft UN GTR as an informal document to GRSP.
e) January-February 2017: possible EVS and/or editorial meeting.
f) June – November 2017: submission of the draft UN GTR to AC.3 and its establishment in the Global Registry.

14. The expert from France suggested a similar scope to UN Regulation No. 100 including heavy-duty vehicles. In the meantime the expert from EC requested clarification on requirements on a “barrier option” for protection against electric shock. GRSP noted that the TF No. 8 of the IWG has been working on the inclusion of heavy-duty vehicles. Moreover, it was noted that an NPRM, proposing to amend Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 305 (Electric-powered vehicles: electrolyte spillage and electrical shock protection) and introducing a barrier option for electric safety, had been published in March 2016. The expert from the United States of America clarified that this NPMR would establish safety provisions for both in-use and post-crash scenarios. This would lead to harmonized requirements with the current effort of this IWG. He suggested that experts examine the above-mentioned NPRM.

GRSP-59-10 | Draft minutes of the 10th EVS informal group session (USA)
GRSP-59-11 | Informal Working Group on Electric Vehicle Safety Global Technical Regulation (USA)