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Contracting Party
United States of America

The United States of America is a Contracting Party to the 1998 Agreement.

UN(ECE) Regulations

The USA is not a party to the 1958 Agreement.

Recent WP.29 Contributions from the USA

21 Jan
UN GTR Revised request for authorization to develop GTR on the Determination of Electrified Vehicle Power (DEVP) (WP.29/AC.3/53/Rev.1)
[" Program under the Electric Vehicles and the Environment (EVE) informal group to develop a new Global Technical Regulation. EV Power Determination Electric Vehicle System Power Determination WP.29 Regulatory Project Electric Vehicle System Power Determination"]
20 Jan
US Automated Vehicles Policy 4.0: Ensuring American Leadership in Automated Vehicle Technologies (TFCS-17-10)
[" To one degree or another, automated driving technologies take over functions previously assured entirely by the driver. At one level, driver assistance systems aid the driver in controlling the vehicle. However, technologies have advanced to the point where automated systems propose to replace the driver in controlling various aspects of vehicle behavior. For example, lane-keeping assistance systems propose to intervene in the steering of the vehicle in order to maintain the vehicle within a lane of travel. At the furthest point in the spectrum, autonomous vehicles propose to assume full responsibility for vehicle behavior without any driver intervention. As a result, such technologies undermine the fundamental assumption that the driver is responsible for the vehicle and thus present the regulatory community with a host of unprecedented opportunities and challenges in ensuring road safety. WP.29 has undertaken to address these issues on a global basis in order to seek uniform worldwide responses that will promote the use of these technologies while ensuring their safe introduction into road traffic. Automated Driving Automated Driving and Autonomous Vehicles WP.29 Regulatory Project Automated Driving and Autonomous Vehicles", " Vehicle automation and connectivity have increased concerns over vulnerability to unauthorized access to critical vehicle systems and sensitive vehicle user information. This heading has been established to pull together information on activities related to this area of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity and data protection are being addressed within WP.29 primarily under the broader Intelligent Transport Systems and Automated Driving discussions. Cybersecurity Draft Recommendation/UN Regulation on Cyber Security WP.29 Regulatory Project Draft Recommendation/UN Regulation on Cyber Security"]
17 Jan
Request for authorization to develop a new UN GTR on in-vehicle battery durability (GRPE-80-41)
[" Program under the EVE informal group to develop a new UN Global Technical Regulation. EV Battery Durability Electric Vehicle Battery Durability WP.29 Regulatory Project Electric Vehicle Battery Durability"]

News & Developments

Two hundred and twenty-three news articles related to the USA are in the GAR database.