Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 75 | 5-8 Apr 2016
Agenda Item 7. (c)
Regulation No. 10 (Electromagnetic compatibility)

29. On behalf of the Task Force on Electromagnetic Compatibility (TF EMC), the expert from OICA reported on the activities of TF EMC (GRE-75-13, GRE-75-18). As a first step, TF EMC clarified the operating modes of trolleybuses and the applicable EMC Regulations or standards. According to Regulation No. 107, trolleybuses are dual-mode vehicles operating either: (a) in the trolley mode, when connected to the overhead contact line (OCL), or (b) in the bus mode when not connected to OCL. When not connected to OCL, they can also be (c) in the charging mode. The expert from OICA pointed out that for mode (a) the railway EMC standard IEC 62236-3-1 was applicable, while for modes (b) and (c) Regulation No. 10 should apply. TF EMC had also identified that, in the bus mode with a diesel engine, other Regulations (e.g. Nos. 13, 49, 51, 89 and 100) could be affected. TF EMC recommended seeking guidance from WP.29 on how to proceed with the treatment of trolleybuses in the framework of various Regulations and WP.29 Working Parties. To this end, the expert from OICA offered to produce an informal document for the June 2016 session of WP.29. He also stated that OICA would submit an informal document on this issue to GRSG and possibly to other WP.29 Working Parties.

30. The experts from France and the Russian Federation were of the view that Regulation No. 10 would be the best place to include the EMC provisions for trolleybuses. The expert from Germany felt that Regulation No. 10 could not be amended to incorporate the railway EMC standards for the trolley mode. The expert from the Russian Federation informed GRE about recent testing of the disturbances caused by trolleybuses and requested exclusion of the low-frequency range from 9 to 150 kHz from consideration, due to the very low level of detected disturbances and expensive measurement equipment required for this range.

31. GRE noted that the Chair would consider asking guidance of WP.29 and/or AC.2 at their June 2016 sessions and decided to continue the discussion at its next session.

GRE-75-13 Trolleybuses: applicability of Regulation No. 10 (OICA)
GRE-75-18 Status report of the Task Force on Electromagnetic Compatibility