Session 61 | Geneva | 27-29 Jan 2015
Agenda Item 9. Exchange of information on national and international requirements on noise levels
Working Party on Noise | Session 60 | 1-3 Sep 2014

14. The expert from the Netherlands presented the outcome of a study (GRB-60-08 and Add.1) of the shifts in tyre sound emission levels in his country between 2007 and 2013, i.e. before and after the revision of tyre noise limits in 2009 (EC/661/2009 and UN Regulation No. 117). The study addressed the most common C1, C2 and C3 tyres in terms of size and manufacturer. The reductions in tyre sound levels between 2007 and 2013 were found to be respectively 1.5, 1.4 and 1.1 dB(A) for C1, C2 and C3 tyres.

15. The expert from the Netherlands informed GRB about the results of two studies (GRB-60-03, GRB-60-13, GRB-60-14) commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment with a view to assessing cost savings that could be achieved in the Netherlands and EU by a switch from currently used tyres to high-performance tyres with A-labels on each parameter of the EU tyre label: energy efficiency, wet grip and noise (so called ‘triple-A’ tyres). According to the studies, moving towards ‘triple-A’ tyres could bring considerable potential benefits for the society in terms of energy, safety and noise reduction, which were estimated to be around 1 billion Euros in the Netherlands and 34 billion Euros in EU per year. In addition, individual consumers could also benefits from substantial fuel cost savings.

16. As a first reaction, the experts from ETRTO and OICA pointed out the rather theoretical character of some assumptions used for these studies, as well as the fact that ‘triple-A’ tyres were not yet available on the market. The expert from the Netherlands added that a common objective of these studies, together with the one mentioned in paragraph 22 above, was to shift the society to better tyres, either by introducing stricter limits or by raising the awareness of tyre labels. Finally, GRB agreed to include this issue in the agenda of its next session and invited experts to submit their comments for discussion.

Working Party on Noise | Session 61 | 27-29 Jan 2015

18. The expert from the Netherlands recalled the two studies presented at the previous session of GRB and introduced further arguments for tightening tyre noise limits in Regulation No. 117, together with the text of draft amendments (GRB-61-03 and Add.1). The expert from ETRTO questioned if the pool of tyres selected for the Dutch studies had indeed been a representative sample (GRB-61-18). He further pointed out that, for the time being, the tyre industry was busy meeting the requirements of 02 series of amendments to Regulation No. 117 which had recently come into force, in November 2012. According to him, until the completion of this process by 2018-2020, it would be premature to consider further reducing of tyre noise limits. The experts from China, Norway and Switzerland agreed that the proposal by the Netherlands needed further study. The experts from France and Germany pointed out various problems with labelling of tyres. GRB invited experts to provide their comments on the Dutch proposal and decided to revert to this issue at the next session on the basis of a new informal document containing the draft amendment proposals tabled by the expert from the Netherlands in GRB-61-03.

20. The expert from the Netherlands presented a discussion paper (GRB-61-01 and Add.1) exploring the possibility of introducing a noise label system for vehicles and providing an initial model for such labelling. In particular, he suggested that a labelling system for private cars rely on scores for interior noise, powertrain noise (engine and exhaust system), and tyre noise. The experts from Austria, France, Germany and OICA raised practical questions regarding the potential advantages of such a labelling system for customers. The expert from the European Commission pointed out that labelling falls under the competence of the Community and that the EU internal procedures should be followed. GRB decided to come back to this issue at the next session.

GRB-60-03 | Potential benefits of Triple-A tyres in the Netherlands (TNO, Netherlands, and M+P)
GRB-60-08 | Tyre noise limits of EC/661/2009 and ECE R117: Evaluation based on sold tyres in the Netherlands (Netherlands and M+P)
GRB-60-08/Add.1 | Shifts in tyre sound levels between 2007 and 2013 (Addendum) (M+P and Netherlands)
GRB-60-13 | Presentation on "quiet road surfaces" and their impact on rolling noise (Netherlands and M+P)
GRB-60-14/Rev.1 | Triple-A tyres – benefits for environment, noise, safety and economy (Netherlands, TNO, and M+P)
GRB-61-01 | A noise label for motor vehicles: towards quieter traffic (Netherlands)
GRB-61-01/Add.1 | A noise label for motor vehicles: towards quieter traffic (presentation) (Netherlands)
GRB-61-03 | Possible future tyre noise limits (Netherlands)
GRB-61-03/Add.1 | Possible future tyre noise limits (presentation) (Netherlands)
GRB-61-17 | Draft interstate standard on internal noise (Russia)
GRB-61-18 | ETRTO comments on GRB-60-08, GRB-60-12, GRB-60-14-Rev.1 and GRB-61-03 (ETRTO)