Triple-A tyres – benefits for environment, noise, safety and economy
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Tyres in the EU are labeled to convey information on their energy efficiency, safety, and noise performance. Triple A refers to tyres receiving the highest ratings across these three criteria. This presentation reviews data collected on the advantages demonstrated by such triple-A tyres.
Reference Number: GRB-60-14/Rev.1
Origin: Netherlands, TNO, and M+P
Date: 4 September 2014
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Working Party on Noise | Session 60 | 1-3 Sep 2014

15. The expert from the Netherlands informed GRB about the results of two studies (GRB-60-03, GRB-60-13, GRB-60-14) commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment with a view to assessing cost savings that could be achieved in the Netherlands and EU by a switch from currently used tyres to high-performance tyres with A-labels on each parameter of the EU tyre label: energy efficiency, wet grip and noise (so called ‘triple-A’ tyres). According to the studies, moving towards ‘triple-A’ tyres could bring considerable potential benefits for the society in terms of energy, safety and noise reduction, which were estimated to be around 1 billion Euros in the Netherlands and 34 billion Euros in EU per year. In addition, individual consumers could also benefits from substantial fuel cost savings.

16. As a first reaction, the experts from ETRTO and OICA pointed out the rather theoretical character of some assumptions used for these studies, as well as the fact that ‘triple-A’ tyres were not yet available on the market. The expert from the Netherlands added that a common objective of these studies, together with the one mentioned in paragraph 22 above, was to shift the society to better tyres, either by introducing stricter limits or by raising the awareness of tyre labels. Finally, GRB agreed to include this issue in the agenda of its next session and invited experts to submit their comments for discussion.