Session 107 | Geneva | 30 Sep-3 Oct 2014
Agenda Item 13. International Whole Vehicle Type Approval

33. The GRSG ambassador reported on the activities of the informal group on IWVTA (GRRF-78-49). He highlighted the relevant documents concerning the last WP.29 session in June 2014 and the recent IWVTA meeting held in Paris on 23-24 September 2014. He informed GRSG about the current status of draft UN Regulation No. 0 by showing the updated Lists A and B.

34. Following the discussion, GRSG agreed on moving UN Regulations Nos. 34 and 116 from List B to List A, however further progress by GRSG on UN Regulation No. 46 was expected at the next session on the basis of a proposal by Japan (see para. 18).

GRRF-78-49 | Report to the GRRF on the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval project (IDIADA)