Session 7 | Beijing | 17-18 Oct 2013
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Agenda Item 2.
Approval of the minutes of the last meeting

4. The Secretary reviewed document EVE-06-10e covering Agenda item 2 with a focus on action items. 4. The Secretary indicated that a number of action items were on-going from EVE-05, including continued invitation to present on standardization (new EVE-07 Action 1), coordination of input to VPSD IWG definition document (new EVE-07 Action 2) and sharing of EV data by Canada (new EVE-07 Action 3). The Secretary also provided and update on action items from EVE-06 as follows:

  • EVE-06 Action 1, on-going: The Secretary provided a brief update on the contracting process to secure a consultant for Reference Guide drafting during this agenda item. It is expected that Mr. Michael Olechiw will provide further details during EVE-08 meeting (new EVE-07 Action 4).
  • EVE-06 Actions 2 and 3, completed: Ms. Chunmei Chen, in collaboration with the Secretary, shared all necessary information for the successful proceeding of EVE-07 in Beijing, China.
  • EVE-06 Action 4, completed: Ms. Chunmei Chen presented an update on EVE IWG activities at the 160th WP.29 session. The Secretary confirmed that the EVE Terms of Reference were approved during the 160th WP.29 session.
  • EVE-06 Action 5, on-going: The Secretary requested additional information from Mr. Wiaux concerning cold temperature data for inclusion in Reference Guide analysis, but has yet received any data. The Secretary will follow up with Mr. Wiaux and share information once it is available (New EVE-07 Action 5).
  • EVE-06 Action 6, completed: The Secretary specifically sought input from the WLTP IWG to identify which issues will be addressed by the WLTP GTR in phase 2 through circulation for comments of documents EVE-06-04e (EVE IWG Prioritization Discussion Points) EVE-07-03e (EV Reference Guide, Draft 1). There were no input from WLTP IWG, but further discussions are expected during Agenda Items 5, 7, 8 and 9.
  • EVE-07 Action 7, completed: No additional EV data and/or literature to support the development of the Reference Guide conclusions and recommendations was submitted. Further discussions are expected during Agenda Items 5, 7, 8 and 9.
  • EVE-07 Action 8, completed: The Secretary integrated performance-related charging issues into priority issues 1 and 2 for drafting of the reference guide.
  • EVE-7 Action 9, completed: The Secretary revised and posted the revised version of the road map EVE-06-03-Rev1e.
  • EVE-07 Action 10, completed: The Secretary revised and posted the revised version of EVE-07 agenda EVE-07-02-Rev.1e

ACTION 1: The Secretary continues to invite participants to present on standardization at the EVE IWG meetings.

ACTION 2: The Secretary continues to coordinate input to the VPSD document from EVE IWG membership. More specifically, the Secretary will request an update on status of next draft of VPSD and the Chair will share the next version of the EV reference guide to seek further input from VPSD.

ACTION 3: The Secretary informed EVE of upcoming EV2013 meeting in Ottawa and for which data will be made available as soon as possible.

ACTION 4: Mr. Michael Olechiw will provide updates on the contracting process for Reference Guide drafting.

ACTION 5: The Secretary will continue to follow-up with Mr. Wiaux concerning cold temperature data and will report back to EVE membership once it is available.

6. The Secretary provided an update on the approval of the terms of reference by AC.3. The Secretary reminded participants that at the 158th session of the WP.29, held in November 2012, the AC.3/WP.29 requested that the Terms of Reference and a Progress Report for the EVE be presented at the 159th session, to be held in March 2013. The EVE Secretariat has submitted and obtained approval of documents GRPE-65-03 and GRPE-65-04 by GRPE in January 2013. The Terms of Reference were subsequently added to the GRPE 65th session report for presentation at AC.3 (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/65). The GRPE report was, however, not submitted in time for presentation to AC.3 at the 159th session in March and was instead submitted for adoption at the 160th session in June 2013. The Secretary confirmed the 65th GRPE report was approved by WP.29 in June 2013, and as a result the terms of reference were also approved (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/1104).

EVE-06-03/Rev.1 | Revised project roadmap for "Electric Vehicles and the Environment"
EVE-06-10 | Draft report of the EVE informal group on its 6th session
EVE-07-03 | Electric Vehicle [Environmental] Regulatory Reference Guide: Draft 1
GRPE/65 | Report of the GRPE on its 65th session
GRPE-65-03 | Progress report of the informal group on Electric Vehicles and the Environment
GRPE-65-04/Rev.1 | Final ToR for Informal Working Group on Electric Vehicles and Environment (US EPA)
WP.29/1104 | Report of the World Forum on its 160th session