Documentation Discussion/Report

The agenda was approved with no change.

The group reviewed document MVC-03-03:

  • Debate on the necessary limitation of the angle of the 5th wheel of a dolly
  • Debate on the parking brake and the current text of UN¬†R13. Semi-trailer must take over its total weight on a slope of 18%. All vehicles must be able to take over their full load on a 18% slope. In case of a combination, the slope is 12% performed by the motor vehicle alone.
  • Stability system: the vehicle is not able to measure its COG (which is varying with load and type of goods), hence automatic adjustment is not possible. Some manufacturers provide manual adjustment within a certain limited margin.

Mr. Adam introduced the D field test document (AECS-03-05). The experts held discussions on the following topics:

  • The rules do not specify which kind of retarder is mandatory. N informed that some tunnels in Norway have slopes of about 10%, i.e. some high performance retarders are necessary.
  • Paragraph¬†3 indicates which kinds of combinations are allowed in D
  • Test to last until 2016.
  • Some schemes could be added to the table.
  • Political discussions in Germany are ongoing: infrastructure, technical requirements.