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Related Meetings : Task Force on Mechanical Coupling for Agricultural Vehicles | Session 2
Documentation Discussion/Report

The discussion continued in the meeting starting with Chapter 5 of Annex 5. Amendments have been included in document TFAC 02-13 Draft Agricultural Couplings_2013-06-25.

It was discussed in general whether the static testing of couplings, which is presently state of legislation in the EU up to a maximum design speed of 40 km/h should also be included in the UN Regulation. During this discussion, a common position could not be established.

Therefore it was agreed that a document with arguments to keep current EU legislation (static test) should be prepared and during the next meeting it shall be aimed at reaching consensus on this topic.

Report on the status of the agreed activities:

Proposal for Class q and r (CUNA Couplings)
Pending. Will be discussed during the 3rd meeting.

Proposal for Class I, proposal for clause 4.10
The proposal not to define an own class of couplings for the tractor drawbar couplings in document TFAC 02-05 was not accepted. Stefano Pagliarani agreed to propose an appropriate classification together with the proposal on “CUNA Couplings”.

The proposal for clause 4.10 in document TFAC 02-05 was accepted.

Compare proposals Va and V
Pending. Will be discussed during the 3rd meeting.

Check possibility for a vehicle approval according to Chapter 5 of R 55
Pending. Will be discussed during the 3rd meeting.

Consider IT-Proposals for Annex 4
Pending. Will be discussed during the 3rd meeting.