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Related Meetings : Informal Group on Automated Connections Between Vehicles | Session 6
Documentation Discussion/Report

Given that the Chairman, Mr Gunneriusson, will have to miss this meeting because of illness, the group decided that Mr Svensson should chair the meeting.

Four new documents were added under agenda item 4.

The report of the meeting ACV-05-08 was approved without changes.

A new task for the future was noted : we need to review annex 6.

A long discussion was held on what if both the automated connector and the ISO 7638 are connected.
We need to ask the trailer manufacturers what the usual length is of the EBS cable and we must think about driver warning.

New drawings need to be put in our working/final document.

In the last meeting of GRRF, there was a recommendation from GRRF to establish an informal group on R55. An item that comes up is how to classify innovative coupling systems. So this working group does not need to work on classification. This group does, however, have to look at indication for remote operation. Mr Svensson will write some text for the next meeting. Our paper from the 3rd meeting is now obsolete.

ACV will be part of the vehicle type approval as it cannot be anything else. It will be part of the braking system approval.