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43. The World Forum noted the status of the 1958 Agreement (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/343/Rev.21) at 15 February 2013. From that date, a list of modifications to the original status document would be available in the document: “Related list of modifications of the informal updated version of ECE/TRANS/WP.29/343/Rev.21”. Both documents will be available on the WP.29 website. The World Forum acknowledged the considerable work done by Ms. L. Bachelard in keeping the status document updated, which is important for the well-functioning of the Agreement. WP.29 noted the unilateral application of certain UN Regulations by Canada (WP.29-159-03), as well as the communications concerning Technical Services of the Slovak Republic (WP.29-159-05), of the Czech Republic (WP.29-159-09) and of Belgium (WP.29-159-23). The secretariat reported that the European Union had initiated the process for the application of UN Regulations Nos. 29 and 61 and that the Republic of Korea was in the process of ceasing the application of the UN Regulations in force. As soon as the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) had issued the corresponding Depositary Notifications, the status of the Agreement document would be updated consequently.