Documentation Discussion/Report

16. The expert from China briefed GRB on the activities of the China vehicle noise standards working group (GRB-62-10). The experts from Japan informed GRB about the trends of noise regulation in Japan and gave an overview of the future policy for motor vehicle noise reduction (GRB-62-13-Rev.1 and GRB-62-12, respectively). The expert of ISO reported on the activities of his organization on interior noise, with the aim to review ISO 5128 (GRB-62-07). GRB took note of these presentations and felt that some of the issues raised could be included in the programme of work of GRB (see para. 27 below).

20. The experts from France and Germany, in their capacity of Co-chairs of the Informal Working Group (IWG) on a Quiet Road Transport Vehicles (QRTV) Regulation under 1958 Agreement, presented a draft QRTV Regulation (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRB/2015/9 and GRB-62-22).

21. The expert from WBU called for shared responsibility of drivers and vulnerable road users for road safety and requested that the Audible Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) of QRTV be “ON” while the vehicle is stationary and that the driver should not be able to deactivate (or pause) AVAS (GRB-62-03). He also referred to a study (GRB-62-16) suggesting that the proposed AVAS level of sound did not seem to make QRTV with AVAS more detectable to the average blind person than was QRTV without AVAS. According to the study, more research would be needed to determine a minimal noise level that would satisfy the desire to reduce noise emissions while remaining safe for pedestrians.

22. GRB recalled that AVAS provisions had been recently adopted in the European Union and were scheduled to be announced in the United States of America in November 2015. Therefore, GRB stressed the urgent need for a QRTV Regulation and decided to adopt ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRB/2015/9, subject to minor editorial corrections. The secretariat was requested to submit it to WP.29 and AC.1 for consideration and vote at their March 2016 sessions. At the same time, GRB was of the view that the concerns raised by WBU should be studied further, also bearing in mind recent technologies that improve road safety. To address these issues, GRB agreed that the mandates of both IWG QRTV for a Regulation and IWG QRTV for a GTR should be extended and requested the Chair to seek the WP.29 consent.

27. The Chair presented a list of possible issues for the future GRB activities prepared at an informal meeting convened by the Chair in July 2015 (GRB-62-08). Various experts expressed their interest in pursuing specific items on the list and/or proposed new subjects. To take these comments into account and to prepare an updated and prioritized list, the Chair informed GRB about his intention to convene a second meeting of stakeholders at the beginning of December 2015, the results of which would be reported to the next session of GRB.