Session 68 | Geneva | 21-23 Sep 2010
This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
GTR No. 8 Electronic Stability Control Systems GTR 0008
UN R13 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Braking UN Regulation UNR 0013
UN R13-H Light-Duty Vehicle Braking UN Regulation UNR 0013-H
UN R55 Mechanical Coupling Components UN Regulation UNR 0055
UN R64 Temporary-use Tires UN Regulation UNR 0064
UN R90 Replacement Brake Linings, Discs, and Drums UN Regulation UNR 0090
Intelligent Transport Systems ITS
UN R131 Advanced Emergency Braking Systems UN Regulation UNR 0131
UN R130 Lane Departure Warning Systems UN Regulation UNR 0130
Emergency Stop Signal Regulatory Project Emergency Stop Signal
Trailer Braking Regulatory Project Trailer Braking
UN R140 Electronic Stability Control Systems UN Regulation UNR 0140
ESC Malfunction Tell-tale Regulatory Project ESC Malfunction Tell-tale
Replacement Brake Discs and Drums Regulatory Project RDD